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Is Bret Hart Right About Seth Rollins Being an Aggressive Worker

After a week hiatus due to NXT TakeOver and SummerSlam, the Wrestling Take makes its return. This week, I'll get into some debatable topics in the world of professional wrestling.

Bret Hart's Comments on Seth Rollins Being an Aggressive Worker: So Seth Rollins took out another wrestler in Finn Balor, who is on the shelf with a shoulder injury. Well, Bret Hart recently became a guest on Busted Open and talked about Rollins being aggressive. Hey, I respect Bret Hart for what he did in the ring. But the big question you guys want me to answer is if Rollins is responsible for this injury? I can't say it was Rollins' fault, but I put the blame on the WWE. Once Sting had to retire due to that same move that Rollins nailed on him, someone within WWE should have told Rollins to stop using that move. Almost a year later, Balor is out with the same move that was used, but he is out for six months. It's surprising that NJPW superstar Michael Elgin uses that move and never injured anyone. Look, I understand this is wrestling and injuries do happen. But if more wrestlers get hurt with that same injury, WWE has to consider banning that move.

Brock Lesnar Not Getting Suspended By the WWE, but Full-Time Performer Are: Recently, three WWE wrestlers have been suspended due to violating the WWE Wellness Policy. I had to put this in the Wrestling Take this week because the IWC has been over this story. Let me start with Alberto Del Rio. WWE doesn't care about him, and he has had a tendency to cause backstage drama. To be honest, I see him leaving the WWE this year to return to Lucha Underground if and when Season 4 gets renewed. Meanwhile, his girlfriend Paige has been dealing with injuries and is getting buried by creative. Lastly, Eva Marie had a shot of becoming the first SmackDown Women's Champion, but that was cut due to her suspension. My guess is that this whole Brock using PED's before UFC 200 started this testing because WWE didn't want to get in trouble. I don't want to act like a politician here, but it's a great thing that WWE has this policy. I know people out there don't like it when the wrestlers get suspended. But in sports, when a player gets suspended, most of them appeal and keep playing.

Could WWE Sign Former Gymnast: I would like to see that. The point is, is that WWE signs any athlete. Wrestlers can do aerials, and that is what the WWE is invested in. Gymnasts are committed to their profession, just like professional wrestlers, and have the endurance. However, they have to deal with hitting the mat all the time. Just like any athlete, some can make it in the profession and others will be cut. Maybe this will help them bring the next big NXT star.

Is Sasha Banks in Danger of Not Getting a Push Due to Her Recent Injury: When your talented as she is, she is going to get plenty of chances. However, there are limits. There comes a time when the authority of the company has to decide if she could suffer another injury that is a risk to her full-time health. If another wrestler gets injured and doesn't miss time, authority figures will keep burning that midnight oil. Heck, we even see this in a typical 9 to 5 job. For example, if you call out sick all the time, you know your getting fired. You have to figure, how many more of these injuries will it take before the authority figures decide that she is a waste, When it comes to that point, it's a difficult situation to get back from.

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Why Arsenal Should Sign Julian Draxler

Arsenal's attack doesn't make them a championship contender without Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott. Arsene Wenger must add another attacker and forfeit the idea of having Alexis Sanchez play center forward. Sanchez is a flank player, and I can say the same thing as Walcott. Giroud is stronger when he's an air player, but he lacks pace and isn't reliable in front of the net.

Wenger's attempt to solve this problem has been frustrated in the offseason. Wenger couldn't sign Jamie Vardy and Alexandre Lacazette. However, the market for a striker has plenty of star players.

The top player to sign is Julian Draxler. If this signing were to happen, Draxler represents a major upgrade for the Gunners. A few years ago, the word on the street was that Arsenal was going to sign Draxler for 43 million Euros.

If Draxler does indeed sign with the Gunners, I see him as a central striker, much like what Gunner supporters saw from Robin Van Persie. It's a great plan, considering that Draxler and Van Persie have the same playing strategy.

Draxler plays the flank and attacks through the middle, so I believe he'll have a smooth transition. Draxler has the technical acumen, pace, eye for goal, and impudent flair. If Wenger is ready to sign Draxler, Wenger has to spend on what could be a game changer in the future.

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Can Conor McGregor Go the Distance With the Lightweights

Joshua Dahl-USA TODAY Sports

Hey Sportsblog readers, welcome to another edition of the MMA Take. This week, I will talk about the events that unfolded at UFC 202. I'll talk about Conor McGregor, Anthony Johnson making a statement, and what is next for Donald Cerrone.

Can Conor McGregor Go the Distance With the Lightweights: I was impressed with McGregor in this second fight against Nate Diaz, but Nate Diaz didn't fight like a welterweight. When McGregor got tired in the third round, and at the start of the fourth, Diaz went towards him and tried to get into a scrap when he could've gone for the clinch. Diaz doesn't have that strong clinch like a dos Anjos or Nurmagomedov, and Diaz didn't use his takedown strategy. The point was that he didn't want to test McGregor's fatigue, and wanted to fight his own fight. Fighters like Frankie Edgar, dos Anjos, and Nurmagomedov would test McGregor's fatigue in different ways and keep him tired rather than McGregor walking around the Octagon. Sure, McGregor is an excellent fighter, but if he fights against the marquee lightweights, his conditioning will bite him in the neck. Meanwhile, what's next for McGregor? He has to defend his featherweight title. I believe that a champion has to defend his title and the fact that McGregor fought outside the division bothers me. McGregor didn't win because of a controversial decision or a premature stoppage; he knocked out Aldo.

Anthony Johnson to be Next Challenger for UFC Lightweight Championship: Assuming if Jon Jones gets cleared this week, there would be no debate he would be next in line to face Daniel Cormier. But I do have vested interest in a Johnson vs. Cormier rematch, but no matter what he did in that fight against Glover Teixeira, he puts his name in there as a top contender. Without a doubt, Jon is the best fighter in MMA history. He never lost the light heavyweight title and went on to capture the interim light heavyweight title. Yes, his drug test was the reason why UFC 200 wasn't successful, but once USADA clears him, you can't take away his title shot. Plus, when it comes to money, Cormier vs. Jones is the box office attraction.

What's Next for Donald Cerrone: Donald Cerrone should be a welterweight. "Cowboy" has looked great since he moved up to weight with three wins coming in stoppage. I'd like to see him get tested in welterweights. I want to see stay in the division a bit longer. 

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