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Why Alshon Jeffery Will be Traded Next Week

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Trades are bizarre in the NFL. It's weird on how they occur. When it happens, it's a blockbuster story. The trade deadline is this Tuesday, and this trade deadline will have several players that will be on the move. Several teams are going all in to contend for the Super Bowl so that they will make a play. Meanwhile, other teams will be rebuilding and give younger players a chance to develop. This year, several teams will make a trade. One name that is getting the headline is Alshon Jeffery. In this blog, I will explain why he'll get traded next week.

Losing Alshon Jeffery is terrible, and the Bears have no choice but to make a move. If Jeffery is on the trade market, the team that should go all in is the Philadelphia Eagles. Jeffery is a better wideout than Torrey Smith, but he's better as a short-term option. Smith has a multi-year deal after this season whereas Jeffery will test the free-agent market after the season. Jeffery has been great with the Bears despite having a mediocre QB in Jay Cutler.

Because Jeffery is the better option than Smith, he'll likely get a big payday. Smith could be traded for a mid-to-late round pick whereas the Bears will surrender their second round pick or a first round pick.

Likely Destinations: The Eagles will probably be the favorites to land Jeffery. However, another team to watch is the Seattle Seahawks. The Seahawks are always an aggressive team in trades, so I wouldn't be surprised if they're in play. My 3rd favorite is the Cincinnati Bengals. Imagine A.J. Green and Jeffery on the same team? That's a team that could derail New England's Super Bowl 51 trip. Just saying!

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Why West Virginia is a Strong Contender to Make the College Football Playoff

Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

West Virginia is undefeated with a 6-0 record for the first time since the days of Owen Schmitt, Steve Slaton, and Pat White back in 2006. Picked to be a bottom-tier team in the Big 12, the defensive side of the side was going to be a big issue. Even though the Big 12 conference is a disappointment this season, West Virginia is not. After playing a close game against Kansas State, they have been a team to watch, beating teams like TCU and Texas Tech. Sure, they were people saying this was going to be a dark horse team, but many experts have said that it's luck. Even though the Big 12 is not the marquee conference that it once was, only three teams are ranked, hence why I'm going to say that it's time to take Mountaineers seriously. The Mountaineers are poised to make a deep run in the Big 12 in 2016 and could be a dark horse to be in the College Football Playoffs. I'll tell you why we should pay attention to West Virginia.

West Virginia only has six remaining games, and if they can stay undefeated, they will be favorites to win all their games. My lock games for a victory are against Kansas, the Texas Longhorns, and Iowa State. Their latest test will be against the 5-2 Oklahoma State Cowboys, but the Mountaineers are 4-point favorites. As we progressed through the season, the Mountaineers play Baylor and Oklahoma. Those will be a test, but West Virginia will earn a playoff berth if they can stay undefeated. The Big 12 is the only Power 5 conference without a championship game. Another advantage for the Mountaineers is that they play Baylor and Oklahoma at home, where they haven't lost a game in over a year. Their defense was made to slow opposing offenses in the Big 12. Teams like Baylor, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have great offensive philosophies, and Dana Holgersen has an idea on to attack them. The offensive attack of the Mountaineers can use their passing game or the run game if they are in trouble. West Virginia's schedule favors them to run the table and have victories that are impressive, which can land them a playoff spot. Now it's up to them to win those games.

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Should Ronda Rousey Square Off Against Cris Cyborg if She Defeats Amanda Nunes

Welcome back to another edition of the MMA Take! This week, I want to focus on the return of Ronda Rousey. Sure, she has a big fight coming up against Amanda Nunes, but what if she defeats Nunes? Would her next fight be the long awaited fight with Cris Cyborg? I'll get into that.

Should Ronda Rousey Square Off Against Cris Cyborg if She Defeats Amanda Nunes: As much as I like to see her get her revenge on Holly Holm, Holm has already lost her stock after losing consecutive matches in the UFC. At this point, people believe that Holm's win was because Rousey wasn't in her game. Think of Rocky III where Rocky had all the fame, and then it blew up in his face after losing to Clubber Lang. But anyways, Holm vs. Rousey II isn't the hottest ticket in town. Another fight that isn't the hottest ticket in town is Tate vs. Rousey III. Tate had two opportunities to beat Rousey, and I doubt the third time is going to be the charm. Dana White has closed the window on that fight. Now, what is left is the fight we've been waiting for. Cyborg vs. Rousey at catchweight. Since I am a Rousey supporter, Rousey started in Strikeforce fighting at 145 before she broke Julia Budd's arm, and then went to 135 to fight Tate. So, while Rousey can say that Cyborg should fight at 135, we're not going to see that. However, Rousey has cleaned out everybody at 135. But she wants one thing, and that one thing is her title and get a main event fight, against Cyborg at 145. If Rousey is going to play politics, then I suggest she meets Cyborg in the middle and fight at the appropriate catchweight of 140. If she can beat Nunes, there's one fight left, and that is Cris Cyborg.

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